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Item No Description Prices From    
0350 Casket Spray: Lilliums, Gerberas,Roses Start From $250.00    
0351 Native Casket Spray:Native Flowers Start From $175.00    
0352 Single Flowers: Rose/$6.00, Carnations/$5.00, Gerbera=$5.00, Orchids=$5.00    
0354 Informal Cross: Rose, Carnation Start From $170.00    
0355 Pillow: All Colours Available Start From $135.00    
0356 Hearts: Pink and White Start From $120.00    
0357 Half Casket: Pink,Red,Yellow Roses Start From $90.00    
0358 Posy Wreath: Red and White Start From $90.00    
0359 Bowl Arrangement: Different Colours Available Start From $75.00    
0360 Sheaf: Different Colours Available Start From $50.00    
0361 Wreath: Yellow and White Start From $50.00    
0353 Wreath: Bright Mixed Colours Start From $55.00    
  Prices are a guide. Floral Tributes can be made to order. Prices Subject to Availability